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Panmedia’s mission is to allow knowledge to be simple and accessible for everyone. Through meticulously developed new operations, combing with machine learning and system building, it constructs a knowledge industry towards future. There are subsidiary groups of Panmedia, such as: science, technology, entertainment, and other vertical contents. Using knowledge as a base, Panmedia provides consolidated digital services to each and every client in various forms of courses, e-commerce, or promotional projects.





PanSci 泛科學為台灣最大的科學網站及知識社群。我們認為科學無處不在,卻常常在重要議題的討論當中缺席;因此我們致力提供科學、知識討論的最佳場合,不論線上還是線下,並邀請科學研究者、教育者、愛好者、以及所有受科學影響的人們,共同暢談科學、理性思考議題中的科學面向。我們也認為科學應該面向大眾,要能解決大眾的問題,並且讓解決問題本身變成一種樂趣。

PanSci is the biggest science website and knowledge social media in Taiwan. It is our belief that science is everywhere. Unfortunately, it is often left out from discussions of major topics. Hence, we are devoted to providing ideal platforms for science and knowledge discussions, both online and offline. In addition, we invite scientific researchers, educators, hobbyists, and people who are influenced by science to talk about the science aspect of scientific and logical thinking topics. We also believe that science is for everyone, helping people solve problems and turn the solving process into fun.



PanX 泛科技聚焦新能源、金融科技、生物科技、物聯網、大數據、工業4.0等主題,以數位科技發展、創新創業、產業應用、科技生活等不同角度,將科技對未來的影響做最深入、最完整的覆蓋。時常舉辦講座與主題會展,促進科技產業與趨勢關注者學習與溝通。

PanX focus on topics of new energy, FinTech, biotechnology, Internet of things (IoT), big data, and industrial 4.0…etc. Using different aspects of development of digital technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, industry application and technology life, to provide the most extensive as well as complete coverage of the impacts of technology in the future. Symposiums and thematic conferences are conducted on a regular basis to encourage learning and communication between technology industry and trend followers.



Punchline 娛樂重擊是台灣最大的垂直影視音產業媒體,提供最可靠、專業的觀點與訊息,致力於傳承與提升產業知識。我們看見全球的影視音娛樂產業正劇烈變動,而我們試圖利用新的方式來應對改變。誠摯邀請關注娛樂產業未來,對發展產業有高度熱誠的媒體人、科技人、創作者、產業人士加入我們!

Punchline is the biggest vertical media of audio and video industry in Taiwan, offering the most reliable and professional viewpoints and information, and dedicated to industry knowledge inheritance and improvement. Taiwan Beats is a pop music website under Punchline. Punchline sincerely invites media workers, technophiles, creators, and industry insiders who pay close attention to the future of entertainment industry and are highly enthusiastic in industry development to join us!



美食是我們最重要的身分認同。即時頭條、流行趨勢、娛樂情報、消費指南、專家觀點,通通報給你知,當然,主題都是吃。「Taster 美食加」是 Liz 高琹雯 在 2018 年成立的美食垂直媒體,將擴大發揮她在「美食家的自學之路 Self-taught Gourmet」累積的經驗。「美食加」因此是美食家的延伸,希望用美食的加法把人與美好的事物串連起來。

Taster is the most knowledgeable fine dining information media in Taiwan. Food is our most important identity. Instant headlines, fashion trends, entertaining information, consumer guides, expert opinions, notifications to you, of course, the theme is to eat.Taster is a food vertical media founded by Liz Kao in 2018. It will expand her experience in the "Self-taught Gourmet". Taster is, therefore, an extension of foodies, and it aims to connect people with food.



Pantravel 旅飯,是專注台灣,發掘日本,旁及泛亞太區域等米食國家的新媒體。我們試圖創造令你耳目一新的旅遊體驗與思維,摸索出最適合台灣旅遊產業發展的藍圖。旅飯企圖在旅遊產業注入新血,不論面對群眾與面對產業都能佔有一席之地。

PanTravel is a new media focusing on Taiwan, discovering Japan, and other rice food countries in Pan Asia Pacific regions. We are trying to create a whole new experience of traveling and thinking, and find out the blueprint suitable for development of tourism industry in Taiwan through exploring.



我們相信傳遞、溝通知識最古老也最有效的方式,是透過專業老師授課,有系統地探索知識,更勝過於破碎化、扁平化的囫圇吞棗。泛科學院擁有全台串聯的實體課程及教室,也藉由影音視頻線上教學, 虛實整合讓知識從此不難學。我們廣邀各行各業專家,領域擴及資訊科技、數位行銷、生活風格、科學新知、職場技能,從區塊鏈、人工智慧,到品酒、穿搭、心理學,打破知識邊界,找回學習樂趣!

We believe that the oldest method of delivering and communicating knowledge, perhaps also the most effective way, is teaching. Systemically exploring knowledge tops fragmented learning. PanSchool invited experts from every walk of life, including: information technology, digital marketing, lifestyle, science news, and work skills. From blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), to wine tasting, dressing, psychology, PanSchool aims to break the knowledge boundaries and bring back fun of learning.




PanMarket is Panmedia’s subordinate e-commerce platform, where superior products with the application of scientific knowledge, creativity, design as well as fun are elaborately prepared. The makers are encouraged to practice and DIY. With the core concept of “Life”, the introduction and selling selected products in the PanMarket convey the knowledge and experience of popular science and promote popular science in life.




PanEvent is Panmedia’s subordinate online platform for activities registration, including from carefully chosen courses, wonderful lectures, large-scale events to international forums. With the complete money service, customer service, registration and management, PanEvent offers customized services and emboldens various content providers, so as to create a platform with diversified and plentiful knowledge activities.



泛讀,為 2017 年泛科知識整合旗下媒體內容所推出的手機應用程式。集結原創專業知識頻道,包括科學、科技、娛樂產業、旅遊與公益內容等,致力於提供讀者更好的閱讀體驗,以及讓內容產品能夠被有效曝光。

PanRead is a mobile application launched by Panmedia that integrated its media content in 2017. Gathering original professional knowledge channels, including science, technology, entertainment industries, tourism as well as public welfare, it is committed to provide readers with a better reading experience and make contents of products be exposed effectively.




創造未知的 ∞ 種可能! Create endless possibilities beyond infinity


“PanKnowledge Festival” is a pop up lab for knowledge to collide with each other. That being said, each individual can be a giver, passing down experiences to others; or can only be a receiver, absorbing all kinds of knowledge like a sponge. We are hoping that by brainstorming different knowledge, we can come up with new ideas to solutions. We’ve established a big lab, including lectures of various topics, panel meetings, symposiums, and experiencing activities for everyone to participate.


NPOst年會「信任!讓好事長出力量」 Trust! Strength comes from good deeds

邀請世界最大的 NGO「:BRAC」 執行長法茲雷爵士(Sir Fazle),分享他如何在其遍布全球 11 個國家、超過 11 萬前線與後勤成員之間,貫徹組織價值、凝聚共識,使得一個從發展中國家原生自立。 另外也邀請臺灣的NGO工作者分享,包括資訊透明、兒少安置、社工工會、無家者、身障者街賣與原住民長照等議題。

NPOst annual meeting “Trust! Strength comes from good deeds” We invited Sir Fazle, CEO of the world largest NGO: BRAC to share how he implemented core values of the organization and cohered consensus among 11 countries, with over one hundred and ten thousand members of frontline workers and logistic workers, making the NGO independent from a developing country. We have also invited NGO workers in Taiwan to share topics such as information transparency, child and youth placement, social workers union, homeless and disabled selling on the street, and long-term care services for the natives.


翻牆吧!知識 Over the Wall ! Knowledge

知識從來就不屬於任何一個地方,在這個時代裡,更不該侷限自己永遠在同一個地方,跨越、翻牆是必然的趨勢。2016年我們擴大知識講演領域,結合泛傳媒所有垂直力量,首次以「泛知識節」作為名稱,承繼 PanSci 泛科學年會的精神與架構,邀請「科學」「科技」「娛樂」「旅行」四個領域的專家與耕耘者,一同談說、分享、攻錯。

Knowledge shall never belong to any place, and in this era of knowledge, no one should ever confine himself or herself in the same place. Therefore, over the wall is inevitable. In 2016, we expanded fields of knowledge speeches, combing all Panmedia’s vertical media resources, using “PanKnowledge Festival” as an official name for the first time, inheriting the spirits and structures of PanSci annual meetings, inviting professionals and cultivators of four fields of science, technology, entertainment and travel to discuss, share and learn from each other.


NPOst年會「超越吧!公益!NPO影響力論壇」 Go beyond yourself, Charity! NPO social impact forum


NPOst annual meeting “Go beyond yourself, Charity! NPO social impact forum” We invited Project Director YU ZHEN WEI (余振威) from Save the Children Hong Kong and SROI expert, assistant professor WU ZONG SHENG (吳宗昇), to discuss how to formulate effective plans and social impact assessments for organizations. We also invited 6 charity youths to share their stories on stage. More than 200 charity workers joined them on site and they led heated discussions among these participants at the evening workshops.


泛科知識節 - 穿越吧!知識 Pan-Knowledge Festival – Cross it! Knowledge

2015年我們舉辦一場以「知識」為主角的嘉年華會,邀請台灣所有最具代表性的知識性網站和作者群,舉辦42場講座、對談和工作坊,超過1400人次參加,並讓所有參加者可以在不同領域之間穿越,體驗新的知識產業, 重新體會咀嚼知識的單純快樂!

In 2015, we hosted a carnival with “knowledge” as the main character. We invited all the intellectual websites and authors that are the best representatives in Taiwan to host 42 lectures, discussions, and workshops. More than 1400 people participated, and the attendees could go across between different fields, experience new knowledge of the industry, and re-experience the simple joy of acquiring new knowledge.


重擊論壇 Punchline the Forum


In 2014, the forum started off with the OTT development and the new business model of streaming music and entertainment industry, with “Convergence of Technology and Entertainment Industry” as its theme. In addition to inviting many highly important domestic and foreign guests, it also attracts a lot of people of the same industry and people that are interested in the issue to attend this event together. Through more discussion of the industry, we hope to open up a road for Taiwan’s entertainment industry.


蛻變吧!科學 Change it! Science

本次年會的論壇邀請到日本Leave a nest創辦人丸幸弘、天氣風險公司彭啟明、天工開物創辦人蔡宇翔等國內外重量級講者參與;除此之外,還加碼舉辦科學動手作、火線對談、科市集等活動,透過這些多樣化的選擇,讓科學蛻變成一般民眾都能接觸的議題,也真正落實「科學普及」。

The forum of the annual conference has invited the world’s leading lecturers, including “Leave a Nest’s” founder, Maruko Hiroshi, weather risk company Peng Qiming, and “Tiangong Kaiwu’s” founder, Tsai Yuxiang. In addition to that, it also organizes activities such as scientific hands-on activities, FireWire talks, and market fairs. With these diversified options, science has become an accessible topic for general public, and has truly implemented “popular science”.


開放吧!科學 Open it up! Science


In 2013, “Change it up! Science” has been PanSci’s first annual conference since it was established two and a half years ago. More than 500 people attended, and live streaming clicks have hit tens of thousands. Forum in the morning invited experts, scholars, and practitioners including the founder of shell network, Ji Xiaohua, to discuss the feasibility of the combination of new media and popular science communication and how this trend will impact education and life. At the evening event, the seven scientific people talked about science and interacted with 400 audiences and thousands of worldwide netizens who watched the webcast online.












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